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Noutati de la KCC pentru castigatorii DV-2023

Documentul de mai jos este in engleza, exact asa cum apare pe site-ul oficial, adresat celor care au fost extrasi la editia DV-2023 si care incep interviurile din data de 1 octombrie 2022, in functie de numarul dosarului:

Document Submission to KCC for DV-2023

For the Diversity Visa (DV) program for fiscal year 2023 (DV-2023), selectees only need to submit to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) the DS-260 immigrant visa application form for themselves and any accompanying family members. Once a DS-260 is received from the selectee, KCC will next review it for completeness, after which that case will be eligible to be scheduled for a visa interview if the selectee’s visa case number is current as reflected in the Visa Bulletin. This continues the practice that began during the last program year, and a data-driven decision will be made later for future program years.

Do not submit to the KCC any other required supporting documents. Rather, all supporting documents for DV-2023 selectees will be collected and evaluated in connection with the interview at the embassy or consulate where the visa application is made. U.S. law requires all immigrant visa applicants provide supporting documents necessary to establish eligibility for a visa. The list of documents is available here:

Failure to provide all required supporting documents to the embassy or consulate will prevent applicants from establishing their eligibility for the visa and will result in refusal of the visa application. However, a refusal for lack of documents can be overcome by providing any missing documents to the consular section. We strongly encourage applicants to be prepared to demonstrate eligibility for the visa at the time of interview by having available all required documents.

Selection to participate in the Diversity Visa program is not a guarantee of a visa or an interview, and each program year ends with some selectees receiving neither.